Who We Are

RnF Sourcing International Ltd. began its operations in 2023 with a group of young entrepreneurs who possess significant knowledge of the fashion industry, particularly in production and design. Given the intense competition in the fashion market, retailers and wholesalers must continually innovate in design, pricing, and understanding their customers. We prioritize offering competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we are fast growing and reputable garment buying house with a skilled Merchandise and sourcing, technical, and quality control teams. Our management team embodies integrity, accountability, and extensive professional experience both locally and globally, maintaining a strong reputation.

Our team is committed to providing efficient service to each customer. We assign dedicated executives to manage individual customer accounts, ensuring prompt handling of orders and inquiries. We treat every customer, whether new or longstanding, with equal care, reflecting our marketing and merchandising department’s ethical standards. Our executives are seasoned professionals capable of meeting diverse customer requirements.

As a buying and sourcing agency based in Bangladesh, we offer international customers comprehensive solutions for sourcing high-quality garments and apparel accessories from Bangladesh and abroad. Our expertise spans competitive pricing, product development, timely production and delivery, online and post-production inspections, as well as effective coordination and communication.


To establish ourselves as the preeminent and esteemed professional services organization, renowned among our clientele for consistently delivering exceptional standards of excellence.


To passionately cater to our clients by delivering top-tier professional services that effectively resolve their business challenges. We strive to engage, acquire, and retain the most proficient and dedicated experts, fostering a collaborative culture that empowers their professional and personal growth.


Integrity: We do the right thing regardless of the consequence.
Pursuit of Excellence : We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our customer.
Accountability: We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
Collaboration: we work together to achieve and individual goals.
Passion: Our energy and enthusiasm contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.

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Our Services

We are providing Full End to End service from factory sourcing, quality control till shipping. Here are some of the services we currently provide.


At RnF Sourcing International Ltd., we foster robust, exclusive partnerships with numerous yarn and fabric mills, as well as accessories suppliers. Once orders are confirmed, we promptly inspect and oversee the quality of all components used in garment production, including yarn, fabric, accessories, labels, and ensure their timely procurement and delivery.

We provide our customers with the flexibility to choose and determine the specifics of accessories and labels, such as style, color, and design, according to their preferences and requirements.

Quality Control / Assurance

Our Quality Controllers conduct regular visits to the factories to ensure that we consistently meet our customer’s standards and specifications. Our dedicated quality control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing sites, overseeing production processes to ensure they align with customer requirements.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to monitor orders comprehensively, from the sourcing of raw materials and accessories to production, and up to the final shipment of goods. Throughout each stage, we maintain systematic follow-up procedures and provide regular status reports to the customer, ensuring transparency and accountability in every aspect of the production process.


At RnF Sourcing International Ltd., our development team meticulously evaluates various factors to ensure the quality, weight, construction, and color of our products. We assess the capacity and capabilities of every factory we collaborate with. Additionally, we rigorously examine environmental controls, adherence to safety laws, labor practices, and compliance with labor laws.

It is our priority to ascertain that our suppliers can fulfill our requirements, particularly in terms of meeting the specified average number of pieces needed within the designated timeframe to adhere to schedules and customer demands.


We create and deliver samples based on our customers’ designs, fabric preferences, weight specifications, shrinkage allowances, color fastness requirements, and other specifications. These samples undergo thorough scrutiny by our professional team of Merchandisers and Quality Controllers to ensure they meet our customers’ expectations before moving into production.

Our dedicated staff closely monitors both the sampling and production processes to maintain quality standards and ensure that the final products align with our customers’ approved samples.


We only package goods that have been approved, ensuring that the buyer receives high-quality merchandise. We take great care to adhere to all packing instructions provided by the buyer, ensuring that the products are packed according to their specifications and preferences.

This meticulous approach guarantees customer satisfaction and maintains the integrity of the merchandise throughout the packaging process.

Shipment/Cargo Handling

We carefully review and verify all shipping documents in accordance with the buyer’s instructions. We entrust the handling of all cargo to reputable forwarders who provide accurate information regarding the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of vessels.

Timely delivery is of paramount importance to both us and the buyer, and we prioritize obtaining precise shipping details to ensure that goods arrive as scheduled. This commitment underscores our dedication to fulfilling delivery commitments and maintaining customer satisfaction.